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Cincinnati custom photographer specializing in newborns, infants, children and families. Serving Cincinnati, Ohio and Cincinnati suburban areas including Anderson, Indian Hill, Montgomery, Blue Ash, Milford, Eastgate, Clermont County, Terrace Park, Hyde Park, Oakley, Wyoming, Mason, West Chester, and Northern Kentucky. Also available for maternity, birth and "day in the life" sessions.

Fun. Fresh. You.

Member, Professional Photographers of America

Dragonfly Studios is a
custom newborn photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio

Dragonfly Studios is also available for custom maternity photography, birth photography, child photography and family photography in the Cincinnati area and surrounding suburbs

Dragonfly Studios is based in the Cincinnati, Ohio and Cincinnati suburban areas including Anderson, Indian Hill, Montgomery, Blue Ash, Milford, Eastgate, Clermont County, Terrace Park, Hyde Park, Oakley, Wyoming, Mason, West Chester, and Northern Kentucky.

Cincinnati's Newborn Photographer
Cincinnati's Child Photographer
Cincinnati's Family Photographer
Cincinnati's Birth Photographer
Cincinnati's Baby Photographer
Cincinnati's Newborn Photographer
Cincinnati Family Photographer
Cincinnati Birth Photographer

Fun. Fresh. You.
Capturing your little one is my goal, with no fake smiles to get in the way of their true personalities. I specialize in newborns, infants and children, and I especially love those with big personalities :) I strive to capture the spark that you see in your child every day as a lasting memory that can be displayed in your home for years to come.

Images I produce are vibrant and spunky, just like your little one! I love bright and colorful images as well as black and white images that concentrate focus on the features of your child. My sessions are laid back and fun for everyone; I prefer to allow your child to be true to who he/she is, and do what comes naturally.

I am the mother of 4 children 9 & under, and I know how important all the little moments in life are, and I will do my best to create a lasting memory of your child at that magical moment in time.

Cincinnati Newborn Photography

Newborn sessions are for babies less than 2 weeks of age. If possible, you should set a date for your newborn session during your last month of pregnancy to be "penciled in". When your baby arrives, please let me know as soon as possible so we can finalize your session date and time. The sooner we can hold your session, the less your little one will protest all the disruptions while s/he is trying to sleep :)

If we are holding the session at your home, there are a few preparations to keep in mind. About an hour before I arrive, please turn up the temperature setting on your thermostat (and change into clothing you won't overheat in!)-- it needs to be nice and toasty so we can keep baby sleepy while getting the images that showcase how fresh and new s/he is. Go ahead and undress your baby down to a loose diaper (but keep baby comfortable in a blanket if needed) or put your baby into your preferred starting outfit so when the nice deep sleep arrives it isn't disturbed by a wardrobe change.

Feed your baby as much as possible before I arrive. Not so much that any move will shower everyone in the room with the overflow, but keep baby's belly as full as you can. We can take plenty of feeding breaks throughout the session and will probably do many little "top off" feeds, so try not to worry about a feeding schedule.

During the session, I completely expect to be the victim of a newborn digestive system, and parents are not usually exempt! A few little (or big!) accidents on clothing, blankets, backdrops and props would not be unusual and it's perfectly ok! We will simply remove the soiled materials and keep plugging along. I will never rush a newborn session and plenty of breaks for cuddling, soothing, feeding and changing are completely normal!

Maternity and Birth Photography in Cincinnati:
Maternity sessions:
For the best images, maternity sessions should take place during the third trimester, ideally between the 32nd and 36th weeks. The session is all about celebrating mom and the magic of pregnancy! I aim to make all moms-to-be comfortable and confident throughout the session, capturing the excitement of having a new baby on the way :)

If you would like images showing your bare belly, please avoid pants with elastic (can be difficult, I know!) for a few hours before your session and arrive in loose fitting clothing. Bring plenty of clothing that makes you feel fabulous-- if needed I am happy to help with final clothing selections.

Cincinnati Birth photography:
I am a fly on the wall during your birth-- quietly and discretely preserving the moments of your child's entry into the world. I take a photojournalistic approach to births, tastefully documenting the event with no posing and using only available light. Occasionally I may need to open the blinds a smidge or move a lamp, but only with mom's permission. The comfort and safety of mom and baby as well as the ability of the medical personnel to do their jobs are my number one priority. Please check with your delivering doctor/midwife and hospital or birth center before scheduling your birth session. To see a sample birth session, please contact me for a link to a video slideshow (shared with permission).

Cincinnati Lifestyle Photography

Have you ever wanted to just freeze time when going through the day to day routine with your family? A "life as is" session is the answer :) I will come to your home and spend up to four hours as a fly on the wall, capturing those little bits of time for you-- everything from silly faces at the dinner table to snuggling up for storytime. Even if your kids are captured with a green bean hanging out of their nose or screaming in a time-out spot, these moments are worth preserving :) Please contact me for an example session.

Cincinnati Photographer Investment
A non-refundable session fee of $150 is required to reserve your session date. The fee must be paid within 24 hours of booking to guaruntee your session.
Your session fee includes the session time (normally 1-2 hours, but I will stay as long as it takes!) for your immediate family, child or newborn. Each session is carefully edited and presented in either a private online gallery for viewing and ordering or presented digitally in your home or my studio. There is a travel fee of $1/mile beyond 20 miles from zip code 60008. Please contact me for extended family rates.

You can contact Cincinnati's Newborn Photographer at

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