texture and personality!

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Please bring everything you can think of from your closet that you love (including shoes, hats, scarves, etc) and we'll work together to find the perfect combinations :) Bold colors and patterns are welcome (I love cheerful, happy patterns!), however please avoid logos and cartoon characters. Fabrics with texture such as knits, denim and sweaters photograph beautifully and add a lot of dimension in black and white images. Layers are fun and fabulous, adding depth and extra punches of personality to your images-- so feel free to put on funky leggings with a skirt or layer a long sleeved shirt under short sleeves!

Simple looks are classic and timeless and can also create gorgeous images-- a flowing white dress or jeans and white tee are perfect for the simpler approach to wardrobe :)

Most important, especially when dressing your kids, is comfort! Wear something that makes you feel fabulous and wonderful and it will be sure to shine through in your images!