the fine print

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*By paying your session fee, you are agreeing to the following terms*

Session fee is non-refundable within 5 days of your session, and rescheduling will be done at my discretion and based upon my availability. I maintain the right to reschedule if needed due to inclement weather, illness, emergency, etc.

Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice.

Copying or scanning images from your gallery, my website, the blog, or from other printed materials is considered stealing, regardless of the intent for use.

Be sure to inspect your images very carefully in your gallery. Once images and products are ordered, all sales are final. There are times when an image needs a certain crop or a particular treatment. I will do my best to match your tastes, but I need to have the freedom to decide how to make an image look its absolute best. If you have a request for a small change to an image, please let me know when you place your order. I can address minor changes at no cost (fix blemishes, tighter crop, etc.), but more involved requests are billed at $50/hr with a minimum of 1 hour. I will let you know if there will be extra charges before work is begun. Once the requested changes are made, charges apply regardless of if the final product is purchased.

If you purchase items that require design work, I will consult you first to get your input on the images, colors, text, etc. for the design. Try to be as specific as possible. I will then create a design doing my best to incorporate your requests. You can make up to three small changes to that design (change a color, change text, change out a picture, etc). Additional changes will be billed at $50/hr (minimum of 1 hour). Again, I will let you know if there are extra charges before work is begun. Once the requested changes are made, charges apply regardless of if the final product is purchased.

There is a $25 fee to re-host your gallery for a period of 4 days once it has expired. Reorders are subject to current pricing and a minimum reorder of $100.

I cannot guaruntee availability of your image files beyond 90 days of gallery expiration.

If purchasing a ditgital file or collection, please be sure to back up the files as soon as possible.

Because it can be distracting (especially to small children) and prevents me from being able to do my job effectively, other cameras are not allowed at the photo session (with the exception of births or other events).

You are responsible for the safety of your child(ren) during your session and a parent is required to be present at all times.

I retain the legal copyright to the files of any images taken during your session.

I reserve the right to use images from your session on my website, in promotional or advertising materials and any other purposes I see fit. I will not make birth or other sensitive sessions available for public view without written permission. I will never sell your images to a 3rd party without your written permission. Under no circumstances can a client use these images for profit, commercial endeavors, in competitions, or for professional display.